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Seb's XJ Project

Suspension Lift

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To upgrade my suspension to a 4.5" lift, I chose the high quality super-flex Rubicon Express kit (RE 6130). The kit set me back about $950 (I got free shocks along with the kit because I bought from a dealer). This is a picture of its contents:


I'm not going to go through the whole process right now; maybe in the future.....there are plenty of articles on the web. Check out my links page for info on lifts.

But in short:

-the rear was a piece of cake

-the front was a pain in the ass (especially getting the old trackbar out and the new coil springs in). Two thirds of the lift kit parts were for the front; no wonder it took longer....

-the whole process was easier then I thought. It took an amateur like me with little experience 3 days with plenty of breaks.

-Rubicon's instructions were not bad at all. If you're limited in experience get a Haynes or Chilton manual (good basic info, diagrams, etc.)

It's a Jeep wouldn't understand.
Seb's XJ Project