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Seb's XJ Project
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My name is Sebastian, and this is my site which outlines my Jeep Cherokee Project in all its glory. Browse, enjoy, and hopefully you'll find something helpful. For more info, check out the links page! Please note this site is still under construction just like my XJ....
If you have any questions, feel free to PM me on any of the above forums, my user name is: Carp.xj

Most recent pic (damn camera date incorrect)

In September 2004 I bought 1996 high-output country edition Cherokee, which I immediately began to modify into a capable off-roading vehicle. This project will be divided into steps, as all projects which involve cash are. I hope to continue adding to and upgrading my Jeep as years pass by. I have done many hours of research to educate myself on this subject (plenty of forums and sites out on the web). This is advisable so that you can do things right the first time....

This is a great addic....I mean hobby....but a little $$$.

Basic Specs:

1996 4x4 XJ
4.0 I6 HO, Auto, NP 231
Dana 30
ChryCo 8.25 w/29 spline shafts
(for complete list, check out "mods" page)

I got bored one afternoon......
......backyard flexing was the cure. (camera date is incorrect)

Another flex pic for good measure....
.....not a bad stuff.

Here is a pic of what my XJ looks like now (33s)
a little dirty......but not sufficiently

This is my Cherokee after 1st step (31" tires)
Picture of December 2004. Camera date is incorrect

The picture below is my Cherokee when it was bone stock. As far a I know, just the front bumber is a factory extra. Note: I bought this vehicle used, for a cheap price. : )


What's New?

6-10-05 : Summer vacation.......time for more mods and wheeling adventures. Steering box brace, 4.56s, and upgraded shafts for rear all in. Sure is nice having stock power back! "Major" mods to come: front bumper, drop brackets, spacers for up front. Some other odds and ends need to be accomplished as well.

2-30-05 : Recent mods include: 33" GY MTRs, Bushwacker flares, steering box reinforcement plates, and Warn rear bumber w/ tire carrier. Soon to come: Rustys steering box brace, regearing to 4.56s, and upgrading my Chryco 8.25 to 29 spline.

1-8-05 : So it's been a while now with all my mods in place (including SYE and driveshaft) . No problems so far! Test 4x4 trips went fine, except I'm dissapointed in my stock cooling system. Looks like my next project....

11-25-04 : Happy Turkey Day everybody! A few days ago I finished installing the Rubicon 4.5" lift kit. My 31" Goodyear MTRs are on as well and really look great!! I hope to have the new driveshaft on in the next couple of days, so I can take her for a test drive....

11-6-04 : Within the next month I plan to install my Rubicon Express lift kit, and slip-yoke eliminator with CV driveshaft. Check back for status, pictures, and description of process.

Before proceeding, let me just make this crystal clear..... : )


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Seb's XJ Project